As summer gets fully underway, I thought I would highlight another excellent wine tourism opportunity that is going on in Bordeaux this summer.


I spent last Friday afternoon, with my sister, father and our families, onboard the 'Coeur d'Estuaire' boat, on a three hour cruise around the Estuary from the Citadel de Blaye down to Bourg, where we got to eat an enormous platter of seasoof, and drink the lovely Chateau la Rose Belleuve with the owner Valerie Eymas ( ).

This cruise won the Jury Prize at the Best of Wine Tourism awards last year ( ), and I had wanted to try it ever since being at the awards ceremony and seeing Valerie and Jerome win. Last year they had a smaller boat, that was fully open. They decided this year to raise the stakes, and upped the boat to a small private motor-boat, about 15 metres, with a retractable sun cover and a sun deck (the definite highlight for the children on board).


This tour was 35 euros per person, plus 40 for the seafood platter - but the same company offers other excellent tours that are less expensive, such as the Balade Autour des Iles that is a guided tour around the monuments of the Estuary lasting just an hour for 12.50 euros, and a Balade Ile Margaux, which I want to try later in the summer. This one goes to the Ile Margaux, one of the small islands that you can see in the Estuary between the Medoc and Blaye, where there is a small wine estate, Chateau Tour de Castillon. This two hour trip stopes at the island and you get to do a tour of the winery, then leave with a bottle of wine. This tour is 38 euros per person with a picnic, 28 euros without.

Information on these tours , 06 82 17 58 22.