When I heard that one of the world's most famous all-male choirs was coming to the Medoc, I have to admit I was besides myself at the thought of seeing the London (or San Francisco for the matter) Gay Men's Chorus...

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be (but please some friendly chateau owner be the first to offer them a berth). Instead, it is the Yale Whiffenpoofs, who are celebrating their centenary as a group of all male acapella singers from Yale University.

They will be singing at Ch‚teau Kirwan in Margaux on Wednesday July 22nd, as part of a world tour that started last month. The choir was formed in January 1909 - originally as a quartet who met for weekly concerts, but today there are 14 of them, who will be singing things from Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and others.

They are singing as part of the Musique au Coeur du Medoc programme that is held every summer, and will also be appearing at Rauzan Segla.

The concert starts at 8.30, with a tasting of course afterwards. For info call Kirwan on 05 57 88 71 00