The official translations of Bordeaux 1855 Classified Growths is going to be launched next week at Vinexpo.

The initiative has been launched by Poh Tiong Ch'ng publisher of The Wine Review in Singapore (southest Asia's oldest wine publication) and the Chinese Bordeaux Guide ( )


The text accompanying the launch reads:
'When we first revealed the initiative, it was with a view to standardising the Chinese names of the 61 classified chateaux.

While every chateau has the same name in French and English, it has an average of 5 to 10 different Chinese names.

This is because a journalist in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan or China will translate, for example Mouton Rothschild, differently. Multiply that with 20 different wine retailers, importers, restaurant wine lists and the potential for confusion in extraordinary... Too many than are necessary to confuse the wine lover in China (and Chinese reading people elsewhere)...

One of the unofficial Chinese names for Mouton Rothschild, for example, is a translation that calls the First Growth Chateau Wu Tang King. Wu Tang here is the same Hubei Province Daoist martial arts sect particularly renowned for its swordsmanship.

As you can see, the need to have official Chinese names for the 1855 Medoc classification is not only very important, it is urgent.

(The) Chinese Bordeaux Guide can not give the official names (they) are only the messenger... although only 14 chateaux have so far confirmed their offical chinese names, (we) shall not be deterred from this imporant work...'

All the names will be published in the Chinese Bordeaux Guide, and the iniative will be officially launched next week - and no doubt drum up a few more properties at the same time.