Yesterday, the Senate in Paris rubber-stamped the use of the internet for alcohol advertising.

Although we had been told it was coming, you're never quite sure until the Senate give their final approval, so this is very good news. Until now, the Evin law listed the media (tv, magazines, radio, posters etc) that were allowed to advertise alcohol under certain strict conditions, but made no mention of the internet - so by omission it could be seen as illegal (just ask Heineken, who had a site closed down in February 2008).

The reason was the Evin Law was written in 1991 when (certainly in France) the internet was a fledgling technology that pretty much noone was using. The Senate has ended this anomaly, except on websites that are aimed at young people, sport and other pysicial activities.

Quoted in the press release I received yesterday, Nicolas Martiquet, founder of website, made a good point, 'It is much easier to avoid young people looking at alcohol advertising on the internet than it is via a poster campaign that will be displayed in the Metro.'

Full details (in French):