The Bordeaux wine trade fair, VinExpo, starts this coming Sunday, June 21. Although there are likely to be far fewer people this year than normal because of the credit crunch (estimates are closer to 40,000 rather than the 50,000 who came in 2007), it is still bound to be a fascinating week.

The difficulty can often be how to plan your time - the halls are huge, and there are hundreds of workshops, conferences and tastings on offer. It really does pay to plan ahead, so I thought I would highlight a few particularly interesting things that are going on...

Malbec Day - Monday June 22nd, a comparative tasting of malbecs from Cahors and Argentina.
Official launch of Bordeaux City Bond - a bonded wine warehouse, first in Bordeaux, Monday June 22nd.
French owners of overseas vineyards - Tuesday June 23rd
Nicolas Joly talking about organic/biodynamic winemaking - Tuesday June 23rd
Solutions to the economic crisis in wine - Wednesday June 24th
Benefits and Challenges of wine tourism with the Great Wine Capitals, Wednesday June 24th
Chablis Grand Cru tasting, Wednesday June 24th
John Duval (formerly of Penfolds) will also be there with his new wine, Songlines, that has been called the 'Latour of McClaren Vale' by Stephen Spurrier, so will be very interesting to taste that.

The Bordeaux/Bordeaux Sup are also offering free cookery classes matching various world foods with Bordeaux wines...

Once you have registered on, you can then register for any of the planned events.