Not just Sauternes in fact, but all the sweet wine appellations of Bordeaux have rebranded from Vins d'Or de Bordeaux to the rather more catchy Sweet Bordeaux.

The 12 sweet wine appellations of Bordeaux are:
Bordeaux Supérieur
Côtes de Bordeaux-Saint-Macaire
Graves Supérieures
Premières Côtes de Bordeaux

To launch the new name, they are holding a series of sweet-themed evenings around Bordeaux; at Chez Pompon wine bar last Thursday, and at the CIVB wine bar last night. Not sure if launching in Bordeaux is really ideal, as this is not the market that they need to convince to start drinking sweet Bordeaux, but it was still a good evening, helped enormously by the cocktail they were serving. If you want to recreate it:
Three bottles of a sweet Bordeaux from any of the appellations above
One bottle of cognac
One bottle of crement sparkling wine (from Bordeaux of course!) - you might want to substitute soda water or tonic water here...
Chopped fruit

Also some good ideas for tapas to match these wines are on the site, created by Jean Baptiste Depons, a Bordelaise chef who has worked at Hotel Crillon and the Tour d'Argent: