This is a rumour from Nick Stephen's excellent blog
and is from a posting on January 15 (sorry to take a few days to draw your attention to it, but I have been investigating!)

He suggests that the top chateaux of Bordeaux may be suspending their en primeur campaign - not this year's 2008 campaign but from next year's 2009, until perhaps 2012.

A few words from the blog itself:
'It is a well known fact that stocks held within the various Châteaux – mainly the large, top flight ones – are very low on their previous vintages. As a consequence of this there is speculation surrounding the 2006, 2007 and now the 2008 vintage. A theory has come to light that there will be an En Primeur Campaign for the 2008 vintage but subsequent vintages may not be released at En Primeur. This is to enable those stocks held by the major Châteaux to increase - thereby suspending the En Primeur Campaigns after 2008 until 2012 or possibly 2013!

What will this mean for the market? Should this theory come into practice this could well be a very effective management tool by the major Châteaux, which - it has been rumoured – are cash rich at this point in time and don't necessarily need to sell. By doing this they thereby increase demand for those vintages already released.'

The entire post is very interesting, so do go and have a look at it (he talks later about what this could mean for smaller properties, who would have an opportunity to fill the void).

Since hearing this (thankyou for letting me know), I have asked around, and have to say that I don't think it's true.

Coversely, most courtiers who I have asked (who of course always always demand anonymity) say that rather they expect the next few en primeur campaigns to see a return to pricing where you can get a first growth for 100 euros. Perhaps not for the upcoming campaign, but they expect a wholesale realignment within two to three years.

I have already received a number of invitations to chateaux for the 2008 campaign, so I think we can safely say it is going ahead this year. But I think the idea of there being widespread low stocks (for the 2007 campaign particularly) is simply not true.